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Spice your Honeymoon Trip with an Adventure in the Inca Trail

A honeymoon trip can be considered a symbol of the long and happy journey you both are about to start. Holding each other’s hand, enjoy this lovely new stage in your relationship as well as the wonders the world offers to you. Peru welcomes couples worldwide and View Latin America wants to celebrate your merry union at more than 13 000 feet high. Why not an adventure for you in the Inca Trail?

An ingredient of love: adventure
In all this time you have spent together, there were a few or maybe a lot of adventures you lived one next to the other. It might be something risky like hiking a snow mountain, touching episodes like singing in unison on Christmas Eve, or spiritual ones, let’s say giving away your time for others in a hospital or a shelter. All of these stories ended with warm hearts and big smiles.

Surprise is one of the main ingredients of adventure. Every time you go on a new experience together, you both discover a new piece of the world having two different points of view. Such a luxury! You will learn more about how the person next to you interprets the world and you will appreciate even more the beauty of love.

Your honeymoon will be no exception. Your compass heads South America this time, and both of you are prepared to step into a new path, full of adrenaline, life lessons and affection.

Welcome to the Inca Trail
Back to Inca times, transportation become a problem to solve as the Inca civilization extended over the current territories of Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia and Chile. Towns were connected through the Qapac Ñan, the network of stone paths going by high mountains, warm valleys and lots of other sceneries. It was customary for the chasquis, the Inca paired messengers, to ride on these paths to deliver important messages or items at an incredible speed.

The current Classic Inca Trail is part of this network, starting in Piscacucho, a small village 2.5 hours away from Cusco by van, and it ends at the back entrance of the world wonder of Machu Picchu.

First day of adventure
Who of you both will wake up first? You will need to be ready very early in the morning. A light breakfast at the hotel, and then ride your transportation to the starting point of the trail. On your way you will meet your local guide. Share with him your first thoughts an expectations as you both have a first glimpse of the surroundings of Cusco city.

How are you doing with altitude? You will be at a lower altitude once you get to Piscacucho, the entrance to the Inca Trail. Take a minute to check all the people excited about the trip of their lives. After some tips and explanations, you both will be officially striding the chasquis way.

You will not need heaps of energy to overcome this day. Take your time and enjoy this outing with your loved one. You will be surrounded by forests and some fruit trees. Locals walking by, selling water or snacks, others in their farms or greeting visitors wishing them good luck. Who feels tired first? You can rest for a while, as it is not a race, but it is your honeymoon.

Lots of pictures, laughs and hugs later, it is time for a lesson of history in the Inca Trail. The magnificent site of Patallacta with a brief introduction to Inca facts. Finally, you will get to the Wayllabamba campsite, to end the first day. You both have done it well!

Challenging days in your journey
Most travelers say the second day is the most difficult in this adventure as you will embrace the legendary stone steps in the mountains. However, you have no reason to fear, you will have a professional team and the love of your life by your side. Isn’t it a great moment to hum or sing that song as a memory of your honeymoon?

Watch your environment as you have breakfast. Stretch and feel the clean air. This time, your heart will reach high altitudes as you step at Dead Woman’s Pass, the highest point of the Inca Trail at 13 800 feet. A kiss might take your heart, your body and your soul to the sky, but you will not be able to appreciate the beauty of the solitude, silent and solemn atmosphere. Turn your head back and realize how far you have got together.

Do you feel like singing or maybe taking pictures? What word, quotation or book comes to your mind? Are those the same for the two of you? Once you get to the campsite, rest, jiggle, and end your day with a starry night.

What can you do with your hands after your honeymoon?
The third day in your honeymoon travel journal will be a little bit like an essay about archaeology. After visiting Inca temples, military places and villages like Runcuraccay, Sayacmarca and Phuyupatamarca in the Inca Trail, a question will arise in your mind. How are you going to build something capable of resist time together?

Incas believed in mutual help as well as nature as a subject of love and respect. Stones in the archaeological sites were brought from far lands and architectural design was thought having in mind the infinite power of the universe, the sun, time, and nature. What are the foundations of your future plans? This time, the adventure is not only held in the jungle full of orchids and llamas, but also inside yourselves.

Final day, a world wonder with a worldwide love
Experts still argue what Machu Picchu citadel was used for. In any case, from the Sun Gate, you will witness the results of great efforts. Ancient Peruvians carved stones to honor their gods, preserved life in beautiful crop terraces, understood the might of their existence in their temples and finally, celebrated love in all its shapes.

The Inca Trail is more than just an adrenaline shot for newlyweds. You will understand how this feeling that connected you both can take you to high, remote places, or lively, wonderful ones. Congratulations on your honeymoon and have a superb trip together!

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