Luxury Inca Trail

Walking through the old Inca empire and visiting places that were once full of glory can be romantic in itself. Watching the sun rise behind the impressive ruins of Machu Picchu, surrounded by lush green jungles and rocky cliffs will make your heart beat faster. The Luxury Inca Trail takes you past the most important sites of the holy nation, while you are walking on paths they once used. You explore tropical forests and hike up peaks with incredible views over the Andes landscapes. First class chefs will prepare your meals while you embrace the pure nature of the Sacred Valley, relax your body and mind through a professional massage or a yoga session. And at night a heated tent awaits you underneath the Andes sky.7

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Luxury Salkantay Trek

Barely any hike in Peru takes you deeper into the Peruvian nature than the Salkantay Trek. You will make your way up sheer rock cliffs and hike up to 4650 meters or 15200 feet. Jointly overlook the unbelievable panoramas of snow-glazed mountain peaks while looking down on dense forests. Take a moment together and cheers with a glass of champagne that will be prepared for you. You will pass turquoise lagoon, like the Humantay lake and make your way through lush jungles, shining in all kind of colorful shades. Get a taste of the world known Peruvian coffee while visiting a plantation. And after 4 nights of camping underneath the sky, getting treated with high class food, yoga sessions and massages, you will see the sun rise behind the majestic ruins of Machu Picchu.

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Royal Lares Trail

The Royal Lares Trail takes you on a quiet route through the beauties of the Sacred Valley. You will wander through traditional Andean villages, talk to the locals and learn more about their way of life and language. Quechua, the tongue of the Incas. Walk on antique Inca roads, that once were used to send goods through the empire and admire the remnants of their constructions. You will pass a vast amount of gorgeous lakes in different shades of blue and green and have amazing views over the snow-peaked mountain ranges and grand valleys. But the best views you will have at night, sleeping underneath the Andes stars.

See the Sacred Valley from a different perspective

You are not just limited to the options above. There are various other trails to spend a romantic luxury getaway in midst the Sacred Valley. The Quarry-Trek for example takes you off the crowded paths, past lesser known, but not less impressive Inca ruins. You learn more about their fallen empire, and pass spectacular scenery, pink granite fields and ice-capped summits. If you only have a couple of days, the Royal Inca Trail is a two day version of the Classic Inca Hike. After two days of colorful flora and fauna, unique vegetation and ice-capped summits, you will set foot in the sacred citadel of Machu Picchu. Whichever trail you decide to take, all is prepared for an amorous adventure.