Non Touristy Things To Do – Peruvian Edition

We know you. You and your inner adventurer want to go beyond walks through tourist attractions, shops, and restaurants. Are you looking for ideas of what to do besides a regular tour? Find some non-touristy in the following list.

Experiment with your senses

  • Eat in a picantería in Arequipa. Taste food like Peruvians do.
  • Watch a movie in the cinema. Movies with subtitles are available so don’t miss the chance to attend a movie show.
  • Cook your food. If you have a stove near you, go and grab your ingredients and make your own Peruvian food with tutorials or attending a class.
  • Appreciate street art in Barranco. From graffiti to paintings, architecture, and music. 
  • Look for street musicians. Hints: Arequipa Street in Cusco and Barranco Main Square.

Time to move around

  • Leave your lock in San Blas, Cusco. This is reserved for truly romantic couples or everlasting friendships.
  • Ride different vehicles. You have vans, trains, cars, bikes, mototaxi, canoe, kayak, helicopters and more.
  • Try a fortune teller. Coca leaves, smoke, chamans… Fortune telling is different in each region of Peru.
  • Look for reselling items. Take shopping to a further non-touristy level during your vacation in Peru.
  • Join an event. From plays, karaoke nights, outdoor concerts and more.
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Fun with locals

  • Learn slang in Spanish. If you have local friends, don’t miss the chance to speak Peruvian.
  • Learn about life opportunities in Peru. Is anyone in your circle looking for a new place to live?
  • Join a gym for one day. Don’t lose your fitness strike!
  • Look for one-day volunteering. Help out with children, animals or farms.
  • Join a language club. It is a good chance to get along with Peruvians.

More activities to try

  • Sit and watch fishermen and people in Lima. Have you ever wondered how fish comes to your dish?
  • Drawing a mountain scene. Get some paper and drawing tools at a local stationery store before going hiking.
  • Sit and watch people. Peruvian people have different kinds of lifestyles, discover them at malls, parks, fairs, or streets.
  • Stay in bed. You can be a couch potato at home and everywhere in Peru as well.
  • Get yourself scared with horror stories. Peruvian folklore is full of frightening stories to listen to during bonfire time!
  • Record a vlog. Do it, it is fun.  
  • Rent a bike. You can have a different insight of Peru on two wheels.
  • Have a walk by Chinatown in Lima. Food, businesses, and oriental vibes.
  • Try a dating app. The online world is also as bustling as the offline one. Try them in big cities like Lima or Cusco! A casual non-touristy activity for you in Peru.
  • Spend time in a zoo. Just in case you can’t head to the jungle side or high mountains.
  • Get informed about local news. Discuss politics and the latest news.
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