Is Peru good for Honeymoon?

How do not think about the journey of your life for your honeymoon? How not think about looking for a magical place, full of charm, adorable places, highlands, and everything with great glamour? Peru offers its visitors experiences that are unparalleled anywhere else in the world.

To start with Lima is the cosmopolitan capital of the country. Where else can you walk ocean-front boulevards, dine on world-class ceviche, explore colonial churches and browse Andean craft markets, all in this impressive and multicultural city

Where to start with the food? With ceviche, of course. There are no doubters of the divinity of this fresh fish. In Miraflores (a commercial and residential area), you are able to find a lot of amazing restaurants for different tastes.

As Chin Icon mentions: Any number of local delicacies can be worked off with a wander around Lima’s colonial core. You’ll find eye-catching architecture on every corner. The Church of San Francisco is famed for its canary-yellow facade, while Casa de Aliaga is the city’s oldest colonial mansion. In search of souvenirs?

The barrio of Barranco is the city’s coolest enclave. What was once a seaside retreat for Peru’s well-to-do aristocrats is now characterized by crumbling facades and vibrant street art. Meander around the cobbled streets lined with the candy-colored colonial mansions that have been revamped into some of Lima’s trendiest boutiques, galleries, restaurants and bars, and of course hotels.

So, starting with Lima, there is no better idea to combine with the south of Peru, visiting Cusco, Arequipa, and Puno that is perfect for couples seeking peace, quiet, and a bit of luxurious downtime after the madness of wedding planning.

Cusco. Why not spend your honeymoon in the place deemed to be the sacred home of the Incas? Cusco was the capital of the Incas until it was taken over by the Spanish. Out here you’ll find peace and relaxation away from people, and wake up and gaze at the once-sacred mountains and valleys.
Cusco with its beautiful monuments, incredible nights, little streets, recognized artisans and much more experiences will be welcoming you. For a trip to Machu Picchu, an amazing experience is to hike through the Incas landscapes in the Inca Trail with unforgettable memories enjoying private luxury camping and first-class equipment.

But, if hiking isn’t for you, you can travel to Machu Picchu in style aboard the Belmond Hiram Bingham luxury train. Onboard you’ll be treated to a gourmet four-course meal, open bar, live music, and spectacular views of the Sacred Valley. You can take the train just one way, or book a return trip.
Arequipa, el White City (due to its constructions made of ashlar) and the second most important city of Peru, is very colonial and historical with many beautiful places to visit with not forgetting the famous Saint Catalina Convent

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In this city, you can find the Colca Canyon which is the deepest canyon in the world. It is twice as deep as the USA’s Grand Canyon, but half as well-known so there are few tourists in this little-visited region.
You can explore the canyon on foot or on horseback. You’ll discover unique wildlife and breathtaking scenery.

In Puno, a private villa on the water’s edge of the highest navigable lake in the world is a suitable spot for a romantic getaway, will be waiting for you, enjoying gourmet cuisine served on your private terrace and a selection of wines and champagne. One of South America’s largest lakes with its Uros and Taquile islands, which are floating islands made out of reeds. The islands, floating in the lake, are constructed from many layers of these reeds, which are constantly being added to on the top layer as the bottom half rots away. After a day of exploring the lake and its nearby Inca ruins, you can enjoy the beautiful sunset as it descends over the valley, offering an unforgettable view.

And, if you have time, it is also a must to visit the Amazon Jungle. For those who are a little bit more adventurous, this is definitely an unforgettable experience. Who else can say that they saw monkeys and (maybe) a jaguar during their honeymoon? The Amazon Jungle in Peru offers an endless array of options, such as luxury boat cruises, where you’ll get the chance to see pink dolphins and other amazing animals. It’ll be a honeymoon to remember.


Peru offers the biggest adventure you can take to live the life of your dream trips!

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