Cusco does not stop giving surprises and enchantments, being a City that counts in addition on an exciting nocturnal life; with coffee shops, restaurants, theatres and bars for every taste.

Cusco, the mythical Capital of the Inca Empire, proudly conserve its cyclopean Inca stone walls. A city full of monuments and historical relics, of myths and legends, that seems to appear again whenever one crosses its centennial streets. To visit the old City of Cuzco, at an altitude of 3360 meters above sea level, is a magical, unforgettable experience that allows it to reveal some of the mysteries of the Incas, because Cuzco was the Centre, the Navel of the Andean world. At the present time, it is a cosmopolitan city that shelters inhabitants of all the nationalities that have fallen under the spell of the place and have turned it into their home. You will find so many places to visit as Qoricancha and the Palace of Inca Roca, next to Colonial buildings of Andean baroque style, like the Cathedral; in addition, the colorful and Bohemian District or Barrio of San Blas can be visited, where you will find the workshops of best craftsmen of the Department.

At ten minutes from the City you will see the gigantic stone walls of the Sacsayhuaman Fortress. And a few kilometres further away you will find the archaeological sites of Qenko, Pukapukara and Tambomachay, Inca constructions, totally built in stone. Following the route, we will reach the Sacred Valley of the Incas, where you will visit the Towns of Pisac, Maras, Chinchero and Ollantaytambo, this last from where it is possible to take the train to Machu Picchu, which you can also reach by trekking the Camino Inca or Inca Trail, a spectacular road network that wind between snowed peaks, fast moving rivers, and incredible landscapes. This is one of the best trekking routes of the world, because throughout its length, you will find sprinkled impressive archaeological sites and zones rich in unique species of flora and fauna. Machu Picchu, the most important and beautiful legacy of the ancient Peruvians, and so… Cuzco has so much to offer and we as much to enjoy. So much history makes us to cross on foot and on our own such a magnificent city full of enchantments.

And not to mention what to say of the food…. Being food already a passion developed in Peru, Cuzco offers a variety of spectacular places with fine seasoning and exquisite attention… gourmet restaurants, bars with special titbits, typical shows with great buffets and more, much more…, to only mention a few…

The Inca Town is nowadays a charming city, full of romanticism. It is the perfect destination for couples who are traveling in Peru and who want to spend a Romantic Honeymoon, Valentine’s Day, Wedding Anniversary or just to have a Romantic Date or celebration.

Due to the wide variety of cozy and nice restaurants, the landscapes, picturesque, the colorful local people and the amazing scenery, Cusco can be called one of the most Romantic Cities in Latin America. But, where to go in Cusco to make the most out of the amazing romantic event?

You can have a Romantic dinner at:

Senzo.- Extremely beautiful and elegant restaurant at Belmond Palacio Nazarenas Hotel

Fallen Angels… For a sensory overload. For a cocktail or dinner. Decorated with goldfish swimming on bathtub tables, precious disco balls and a massive ‘fallen’ angel hanging in the middle, with an adittion of various contemporary pieces of art design by local artists.

Le Soleil. – The first French gourmet restaurant in Cusco that propose true flavors and wines of French culture, but also you are able to enjoy a very gourmet Peruvian food

Map Café. – Located inside the Map Museum with a great variety of gourmet food

You can always walk through Cusco city center, San Blas streets, there are so many bars and places to enjoy