Feeling the tranquility of the endless widths of nature. Deep Andes valleys, flowers and trees sparkling in hundreds of colorful shades. Hearing the pattering of a small stream becoming one with the mystical sounds of the jungle. Isn’t that the characterization of romance? The north of Peru has more to offer than an enamored heart could ever dream of. So take your love by the hand and behold the beauty of the rainforest through your rose-colored glasses.

On this planet there are not a lot of places that can claim to be high up in the mountains and likewise deep in the infinite seeming rainforest. The Peruvian Department Amazonas can. And ensures a romantic getaway.

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High Falls and Crystal Waters
Surrounded by a vast array of tropical woods, the overwhelming views from the mountain peak make an amorous couples hearts beat faster than they already do. A world full of hidden treasures. Look out for the jungle wildlife, monkeys and toucans are for sure close by. Hold your breath watching one of the highest waterfalls in the world. The Gocta Cataracts are more than 750 meters or 2500 feet high and environed by a thicket of lush trees and cliffs. Green wherever your eyes turn. Stand side by side admiring this natural phenomenon, listening to the power of the pounding water. Feel the energy of gallons of water gliding through the air before fiercely merging to a crystal clear river.

Explore landscapes together that you have never seen before. Colorful orchids and enormous trees in the dense rainforests. Steep rock walls with snow-glazed tops and incredibly deep valleys. Who spots the first Andean Condor?

The Fountain of Love
In the middle of the rainforest, near to Utcubamba River, hides the capital of the Amazon Department. Chachapoyas, hundred of years old and shrouded in legend. The Cuyano spring, or the “fountain of love” grants eternal love those drinking from it, according to an old myth. With it’s old buildings and narrow streets. With plenty of artisanal shops and vintage cafes, Chachapoyas spreads a romantic flair, like only Italian towns in Tuscany can compare to.

Explore the city’s gorgeous surroundings, situated deep in the jungle and between mountain ranges. Hold each others hands while finding your way through the dark caves of Quiocta, where shining Stalagmites and Stalagtites will eventually light you your way.

Explore antique ruins
Go on an adventure together and discover the ruins around Chachapoyas, like Karajia or 1500 year old Kuelap, the capital of the Chachapoyas civilization. One of the most important archeological sites Peru holds. Higher and older than Machu Picchu it is the best preserved and most stunning historical remain of the north. Share a gondola cabin and embrace the incredible views of the valleys, making your way up to the ruins. Jointly philosophize about the meaning of the images carved in stone walls and walk together grounds that never were conquered by the Incas.

Romantic destinations
What is more romantic than red skies and gorgeous panoramics? Cheers with a glass of wine and watch the sun set behind the mountain range spiked with trees. The Andes and jungle landscapes offer plenty of opportunities for a romantic stay. One of them, the Gocta Andes Lodge is situated at 1800 meters or nearly 2000 feet and is made for an intimate togetherness. Watch birds circling above your heads from your balcony, embrace the peacefulness of the Andes and waterfalls in plain sight while floating in the outdoor swimming pool. Or look each other in the eyes and appreciate that you are enjoying all of this together.