Remaining Safe in Peru
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Remaining Safe in Peru

Recently in Peru, there has been a huge increase in tourist police presence and much improved law enforcement so the safety situation for tourists has greatly improved. However, it is important to keep in mind that you are visiting a country where half of the population lives below the poverty line, meaning that petty crime is not uncommon. Violent crimes are very uncommon, yet crimes such as pickpocketting are unfortunately common. To avoid being a victim of a petty crime, all you need to do is use common sense and safety measures and you should be fine. Be sure to carry a bag with good, zippable pockets and wear it in front of you so that the pockets are facing your body, with your hand over it at all times. If you choose to keep things in your pockets, when in crowded areas put your hands in them to keep people out. Many people work as professional pickpocketters meaning that they can steal your wallet, camera, cell phone, etc. from you bag or pocket without you feeling a thing – so make this difficult for them. Often they work in teams with one person to bump into you or distract you in some way and the other to go into your bag or pockets fast while you are distracted, so be aware of this as well. As with anywhere in the world, do not walk alone at night in an isolted place and only take taxis with their company’s phone number on the roof or have your hotel call one for you. Simply using common sense while you are on your honeymoon in Peru should keep you safe.