Peru’s Weather
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Peru’s Weather

The various climates of Peru are broken up into its geographical regions – the coastal region, the Andes Mountians, and the Amazon Basin.

The coastal region is dry almost all of the year in both the North and the South. In the North, there is a hot, dry climate all throughout the year, making it an ideal beach desination whenever you choose to come. The southern coast, where Lima is located, experiences a summer and winter. Winter is from April to October when a thick fog is usually hovering in the sky and temperatures are pretty cold. During the summer (November to March), however, the temperatures are very high with clear blue skies making it another great beach location if you are around during this time.

Summer in the Northern Hemisphere, from May to August, is the most popular time for tourists to come to Peru. This is one of the best times to visit the mountain region where the highlight of any trip to Peru is, Machu Picchu. From May to August is the dry, but cool season in the high altitude regions. Because the sun is more often than not shining it is rarely cold during the day, but at night temperatures get close to freezing. This is the best time to do the Inca Trail or do any trekking because the weather is very reliable. From December to March is the wet season, when at its peak is extremely wet with days filled with rain. Of course, a trip to Peru cannot even be ruined by rain as the sites will be the same, but you should come prepared with rain gear if travelling at this time. During the whole month of Febuary, the wettest month, the whole Inca Trail is closed for maintenance.

In the Amazon Basin where the Peruvian jungle is located, the climate is essentially the same year-round. You can expect extremely warm, humid days as well as nights. Although it is a rainforest and it rains a lot, it is usually very strong rain storms only lasting for a short period of the day, leaving the rest of the day nice and sunny.