Eating in Peru
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Eating in Peru

Peru is world renowned for its delicious food with such a wide variety, and it is the uncontested culinary gem of Latin America. The food varies around the country and combines traditional flavors with new twists and fusion dishes. Because Peru has such a wide variety of climatic regions, all types of food are readily available fresh throughout the country. You can eat fresh fruit from the jungle high in the mountains on a cold night, or eat potatoes from the Andes on the beach, or seafood anywhere with a clear concious because it all comes from Peru.

Possibly Peru’s favorite dish, ceviche is delicious raw fish cooked with a marinade of lemon juice mixed with fresh onions, peppers, and other additions. All around the world, people try to recreate this delicious tangy dish but nowhere can do it like the Peruvians do. This is a must when in Lima or on the coast.

Some of the most delicious, comforting foods in the world come from the Andes and have been eaten since before the Incas. Potatoes have been a staple food for centuries in Peru, as the Incas engineered more than 4,000 varieties many of which are still used today. Quinao has gain huge popularity thoughout the world as a superfood and originates from Peru where it is still used  as a delicious and healthy replacement for rice. The two are often used in hearty soups sure to warm you to the bone on a chilly Andean night, one of the best parts of Peruvian meals.

Peruvians love their different meats, and tourists love to sample them. Probably the most famous dish is cuy, or roasted guinea pig. Usually served whole, head, feet and all, this delicious local specialty is a must try for any travel looking for a culinary adventure. Another great meat snack is antichucho, which the smell of at night on the street is inescapable and tantalizing. These grilled sticks of meat are topped with a plump potato and are usually made of cow heart, but are also made with regular beef, chicken, and hot dog. Chicken is extremely popular in Peru, and one of their favorite ways to eat chicken is at the endless amount of “Pollos a la Brasa” eateries, there is at least one on every city block. This delicious chicken portion is slow roasted with a mix of soy and garlic sauce and served with french fries, soup, and salad for a very cheap price.

Finally, a great thing about the huge diversity in Peru is its delicious fusion foods, the most famous being Chifa – Peruvian Chinese food. This delicious favorite among Peruvians is a blend between flavors brought by Chinese and Japanese migrants during the 19th century and Peruvian tastes such as aji peppers. Chifa restaurants are almost as common as Pollos a la Brasa and this food should not be missed on your trip.